Kenneth Turner on Roses

The rose is the traditional Valentine’s Day flower – it signifies love for a significant other, friend, family member or a romantic love!

The colour of the rose says a lot about its meaning:

Red — Deep love, respect

Burgundy (and dark red) —Unconscious beauty or bashfulness

Light pink —Admiration, sympathy

Lavender —Symbol of enchantment. Lavender-coloured roses express feelings of love at first sight.

Dark pink —Gratitude, appreciation

Yellow —Joy, gladness

White —Innocence

Purity orange —Enthusiasm

Red & yellow blend — Joviality

Pale blended tones — Sociability, friendship

Red rosebuds —Purity

Rosebuds —Youth

Explore our wonderful Flowers range! Start your collection with English Rose – A blend of intensely fragrant dewy rose petals, with notes of sweet lily, violet and fresh rose.  On a base of musks and creamy, subtly smoky guaiac wood.

As we love cake and all things baked at Kenneth Turner…

Enjoy making this stunning floral layer cake, flavoured with rosewater and layered up with vanilla cream, raspberry icing and crystallised petals! Perfect to treat your loved ones this February: