Orchid & Flower Show


Kenneth Turner recently got the amazing opportunity to go to Japan and visit the International Orchid and Flower show. The show is a dedication to flowers from all over the world, with a special appreciation for the orchid, which is in most of the exhibits.

Japan is home to the orchid; in Japan they have believed for centuries that the flower was a symbol of wealth. Orchids were owned by a lot of royalty who would keep them in the temples, castles and they would have them painted on scrolls. The orchid also represents love, beauty, luxury, strength and in some cultures a sign of fertility.

This amazing event features large scale exhibits of orchids, flower art and bonsai, flower-themed installations and digital art. There are workshops and personality events as well as different booths selling potted orchids, flower-themed crafts, home design items and other goods to allow visitors to get involved at home.

There are over 1200 people that apply to have their exhibits shown at this worldwide show. Only the best are handpicked to showcase their work to the thousands of people it brings in. It was such an amazing trip and Kenneth Turner were delighted to represent the brand in Japan!

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