Signature Collection

Autumn is here and hasn’t it shown its colours! The leaves have begun to fall and the beauty of the coming months are beginning to develop.

Autumn days bring calm and bliss

The Signature collection, or better known as ‘Original’, is the scent that brings autumn indoors. It was the first of a range of home fragrances that captured the essence of the nation’s rural landscape.

A sophisticated, unique home fragrance that will warm your home in those cooler, wintery months but can be burnt well into spring without feeling out of place.

It is a warm, spicy scent. Woven with orange blossom and honey suckle, cinnamon spices and citrus oils that come together to create a strong but not over powering fragrance within your home.

The Signature collection is simply devine

Did you know, Cinnamon has a number of beneficial effects? The scent can improve mood and reduce drowsiness, as well as calming headaches. 

Cinnamon is nature’s most versatile gift