Candle and reed diffuser

After our very unsettled summer of heavy downpours and sudden heat waves, October has hit us with a blast of crisper air. It didn’t feel like long ago that I was drinking gin outside lapping up the last of the day’s sun; now I’m wrapped up in front of the fire, watching the latest boxset on Netflix.

Sandalwood is a scent that has been used extensively for years to create exquisite perfumes, scented candles, skin care and is also used with aromatherapy. 

We add sandalwood to our scented candles and reed diffusers to help bring together the other oils within the fragrance. It adds a graceful, sweet, woody aroma without taking away the other scents. Its warm, woody aroma is well suited to autumn months.

Wildwood has floral notes of jasmine & a hint of citrus, lemon and bergamot, blended with patchouli, oud, vetiver, musk and sandalwood. It is a perfect pick me up scent for when you are feeling stressed.

Sandalwood has many soothing qualities. It is considered as a natural sedative which should help you sleep and it is praised for its meditative properties for calming and focusing the mind.

The much loved scent of jasmine is known to improve mood and it has been reported to increase romantic & positive feelings, as well as increasing energy levels.

Wildwood candles and reed diffuser

Our Wildwood scented candle and reed diffuser certainly has its own identity. Its modern, jet black vessel and its silver Stag head decoration is sure to set that wintery calming mood within the home. The fragrance is truly unique and masculine.

What some of our customers said about our wildwood reed diffuser and scented candle:

“Some diffusers take ages for the scent to kick through but that has just popped straight away

“Incredibly delightful and total eye candy