The Gift of Nature

We all know that nature is a gift which surrounds us every day but having a real connection to nature can inspire us in ways we just cannot explain. When it comes to design, standing out from the masses is what creatives aspire to do and Kenneth Turner certainly did this.

Times have moved on since his dressing of celebrity events but his floral designs are still spoken about today and for good reason. The inspiring story of Kenneth Turner, a creative genius who liked to do things differently, has served as a catalyst for the brand today; his love of nature is the root of the inspiration for our brand.

We are a home fragrance brand creating candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and home lifestyle accessories. We work with British perfumers to help create the unique fragrances that we are known for.

Our collection is made in the UK; we are proud that we source locally and support small businesses. As a brand we continue to evolve and look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to enjoy the beautiful world we live in.

Meet the Sales Team

Our amazing sales staff are the face of Kenneth Turner; these are the girls you will meet and speak with when you get in touch with us, so here’s the perfect opportunity to find out more about them.

Lisa Witherspoon

Sales & Marketing Director

I have worked in retail for many years. It was my huge passion for fashion and working with the latest product lines that excited me. I love people and the buzz and excitement that comes from working in retail; every day is so different.

I am thrilled to be at Kenneth Turner, this is a brand that has depth to its heritage, a brand that was true to its roots yet ready to look forward to an exciting future and embrace change!

My passion for the product continues. I take pride and joy when developing new ranges or collections. My focus for the brand is to become true to nature and green in our thought process and approach.

The journey I plan to take the business on will be a vibrant one, overcoming any bumps along the way. Great things happen with a positive mind set and great energy in a team.

I live in Harpenden, a lovely small town. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and two handsome Bulldogs Winston & Dexter – you will usually find us relaxing with a coffee after our slow stroll through the high street.

Sarah Robins

Sales & Creative Manager

I started Kenneth Turner as a Sales Administrator and was quickly promoted to Sales & Creative Manager. I love showing off my creative flare and love of design.

I am guru of social media for the brand; my vision is to raise our platform, connecting and networking with our customers. 

Becoming an engaging and interactive brand is extremely important to me and my team.

I want to ensure that shopping at Kenneth Turner is a great experience. We value every customer and retailer that we work with, we act on feedback and hope that changes we make are for the better.  

In my spare time I am looking after my mischievous Pug Colin, we love nothing better than long walks in the countryside. I am a fan of searching out quirky and unique restaurants and bars; food and cooking is a passion of mine.

Happy Shopping!