The Gift of Nature

We all know that nature is a gift which surrounds us every day but having a real connection to nature can inspire us in ways we just cannot explain. When it comes to design, standing out from the masses is what creatives aspire to do and Kenneth Turner certainly did this.

Times have moved on since his dressing of celebrity events but his floral designs are still spoken about today and for good reason.

The inspiring story of Kenneth Turner, a creative genius who liked to do things differently, has served as a catalyst for the brand today.

We know where we have been and we are proud of it but what excites us the most is where we are going!

Our Eclectic Range

Explore our Kenneth Turner range, whether you are looking for beautiful glass, handmade crystal, and lifestyle accessories or are needing a new unique blend of fragrance to fill your home. We will have a collection of products to inspire you.

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